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In other words, the “Concerning United States” web pages are frequently neglected as well as misconstrued.

Possibly due to the fact that frequently individuals are not actually certain concerning their company voice, their vision, distinct identification, and so forth.

The important things is, when a person arrive at this specific web page, it’s since they’re quite curious about you.

So, you would certainly much better inform an engaging tale there.

Since this is clear, allow’s dig a little bit deeper right into the subject as well as locate some motivating “About United States” web pages too.


The role of an about us page

It’s like that due to the fact that they play a particular function within an internet site, a duty that’s frequently taken too lightly. A concerning us web page has the possible to not just bring in customers, however also to transform them to clients/customers. It contributes in streamlining the decision making. According to research studies, customers were 86% most likely to select business with a greater choice simpleness rating.
That being stated, do all business require a solid concerning us web page? Possibilities are couple of individuals check out the regarding us web page of ebay.com, yet a whole lot a lot more check out the around us web page of a minimal recognized business, such as a website design company. In the last situation, the around web page adds to acquiring count on, as well as pressing customers onward right into the acquiring cycle.

About Us – What Information to Integrate in the Page

This subchapter is planned to aid you finish the production of your site with an extensively created regarding us web page. Or, if you intend to make improvements to your existing concerning us web page, the info listed below must aid you obtain one of the most from it.

Carefully balance the use of “we” and “you”.

As the concerning us web page distinguishes its name, the web content needs to worry me, my business and also my objective. Nonetheless, there’s a vital part to think about: while presenting on your own, you additionally need to adjoin with the viewers, as well as address his/her individual demands. The “we” as well as “you” require to turn into one as well as the exact same reference. “We” empathise with the visitors, and also “you” find yourself front and also facility right into the firm’s discussion.


Address the readers’ pain point.

This is the trouble that your business handles to go out, making their lives much better; do not always state specifically just how you do it, instead simply allow visitors peek behind the scenes. You remain in the marketplace for a factor. That primary factor is to make an issue vanish or boost individuals’s lives. In the instance listed below, the title is suggestive of just how great food discovers its place into a much more comfy life:


Give away the secret of the company’s existence.

Tell WHY it involved birth and also WHY its tale located its course right into the marketplace. If you’re concerning to personalize an individual blog site, allow visitors know WHY you assumed it helpful to begin a blog site and also speak with them. The factor behind the firm’s presence ought to be mixed along with exactly how, where, when, that, completely components that establish the scenes for informing even more regarding the business. Which brings us to the following factor …


Tell the company’s story.

Specify what the issue individuals dealt with prior to the business began. Discuss the orgasm, that is exactly how you entered in conflict with that problem as well as what made you respond. Discuss the service you discovered for that concern, as well as exactly how the firm obtained its legit duty on the marketplace.


Add context to the story.

Include context to the tale (mention the firm’s background– years, numbers, efforts; inform some words regarding the here and now– present positioning of the firm; and also visualize the business’s future– strategies, goals, projection).


Present the characters that play a role in the company’s story 

Presenting the employee not just aids offer form to the brand name tale, however additionally assists informing the human tale behind the brand name. Exactly how every participant has actually had a hard time to maintain the firm up, as well as exactly how those participants develop a tessellated group, worthwhile of the visitors’ interest. In the instance listed below, the employee alter their appearance relying on that you placed the computer mouse on, all seeing because instructions.


Include the company’s mission, vision and values.

These form the brand name identification in a concerning us web page. As the brand name’s identification is shared by all personalities associated with the firm’s tale, the goal, vision as well as worths are an underlying circulation that has actually been driving the group right into the desired instructions.
For the most part, the concerning us web page incorporates with the firm goal with branding. Yet it can additionally be sustaining a social reason: for example, a regarding us web page for a HIV charity could offer to connect to researches on HIV and also its effect. In this instance, the concerning us web page assists specify the goal of the company.
In various other situations, the regarding us web page is simply a functionality-driven web page, which combines some vital elements of an internet site. E.g. a paper may make use of the around us web page to reveal a listing of its reporters, editors, and so on.


Add authentic images and/or videos to the about us page.

Images of staff member must include credibility to the discussion. A video clip including the CEO needs to provide a clear feeling of what the firm is everything about. An image of the whole group need to cast some light on the human side of the firm.
Stay clear of making use of supply pictures, pick rather some genuine photos of what’s inside the firm. It clarifies much better the character of the team and also what the brand name means.


Add contact information for building trust in your company’s real presence, and for giving directions.

When it pertains to evidence in favour of your service integrity, absolutely nothing is excessive. Benefit from the concerning us web page “property” to consist of get in touch with details that will certainly assist viewers obtain oriented in the direction of your company. Sometimes, the call details will certainly exist in a site-wide footer, so there’s no even more requirement to repeat it particularly on the regarding us web page.


Optional: add lead magnets 

In case you wish to make one of the most out of the regarding us web page, and also benefit from viewers’ focus to lead them in the direction of a specific course of conversion, you may consist of some lead magnets: a white paper, a downloadable overview, an expert list, and so on.


Optional: add calls-to-action, for mapping the users’ road to taking action on the website.

In a similar way to lead magnets, calls-to-action offer for conversion objectives. In case you wish to take conversion take advantage of the regarding us web page and also utilize the internet site possibility to the optimum for producing such conversions, it’s excellent to consist of a call-to-action switch right into the web page.


Include links to social media profiles. And not only that.

For acquiring an individual’s trust fund, usage social evidence such as accreditations, subscriptions, capitalists, regulative conformity, in many cases, perhaps even a tip of a profile. The majority of times, this info will certainly belong to a site-wide footer, so you do not require to repeat the products especially in the regarding us web page. Nonetheless, if it isn’t part of a site-wide footer, you need to think about including them in the regarding us web page, they actually include worth to your discussion: trust fund as well as integrity in the eyes of your viewers.


Include your unique selling proposition.

Provides this the best aesthetic weight to this info on the web page. It’s your significant possibility to specify your originality in a jampacked market of products and also solutions that level up high quality.


Style to Present the Information You Include in the About Us Page

All the details noted over ought to exist in a luring means, to obtain customers involved with the material as well as maintain them so also after they have actually completed to check out the around us web page of the site.
Here’s what you should consider when putting text content on the about us page:

  1. Know your audience, their way of speaking, their pain points, the reason why they search for you on the internet, their habits and how you can improve their lives. Putting yourself in the readers’ shoes helps gaining a lot more authenticity in your presentation, and you can easily connect with them through an adequate tone of voice.
  2. Be empathetic. This means you understand your audience a lot better than other competitors, and you can speak with them directly, letting them in on how to find the exact solution they expect – to the issues they face.
  3. Be authentic. Bring the most of yourself in your writing. You shouldn’t shy away from speaking about your true self, even with vulnerabilities. Use a conversational tone of voice and speak as if you were engaged in a discussion with the readers, right from the first line of text on the page.
  4. Be conversational, establishing an emotional connection with the readers. Use words in a way that shows you understand them, and you have something in common with them: you care for their lives, their worries, their comfort.
  5. Avoid being fluffy, and don’t fill in the about us page with blabla text. Stray away from clichés and hype, reduce them to the minimum, if none at all. People don’t really care about your boastful presentation, they will decide whether your company plays a role for them if you identify their problems, and show you understand them well.
  6. Be personal, be evocative, be you. You yourself, and you in the shoes of clients/customers. Use the first person (singular/plural) to present your business, from a human point of view. Show the audience you are like them, and they should trust you for the better.
  7. Be honest. Above all, use sincerity as an appropriate medium of communicating with your audience. Don’t ever lie to them, embellish the truth or complicate the discourse. Stick to facts, if necessary, include figures that support your statements, and stand by the truth, as it is.
  8. Be original. You can do this. You really are unique, and your business brings added value to clients/customers. So, why not include some original copy into the about us page, and show people how you can play an important role for them? Originality can make you go the extra mile and stand out from the market, by getting closer to the audience.
  9. Build trust. This will ensue as a result of all of the above. If you apply these writing techniques, you will surely gain the readers’ trust and they will decide sooner to get into business with your company. It’s a win-win. You got the audience’s trust, and they’ll get better services/products values by closing the deal with you.


Templates of ideal about us pages

Although damaging the standard is the brand-new standard, when it concerns concerning us web pages, right here’s a beginning factor you can influence on your own from, when making one:

ABOUT US PAGE MODEL 1 (generic model)
Along the way, [X, Y, Z].

Add meaningful context to the presentation:

  • introduce the company,
  • set the stage where it intervened to solve a problem,
  • mention the solution you found for that problem
  • tell where you aim to drive the business in the future.

ABOUT US PAGE MODEL 2 (e.g. digital banking)
[FACTS AND FIGURES] supporting the viability of the business model over [X] time.
[Y] community sustains the project and the whole business.
[A, B, C] team members and their short intro.
All these form [COMPANY].

Flesh out the company’s identity starting from the necessity in the market:

  • set yourself apart from the rest, by what you do differently,
  • support the “difference” with facts and figures stating the business model success,
  • state the strength of the business by speaking about the community surrounding it,
  • name the company, as it’s already got some people’s share of mind.

ABOUT US PAGE MODEL 2 (e.g. artist)
[ARTIST NAME] became interested in [ART FIELD].
Short explanation of his/her [WORK’S PARTICULARITIES] and why he/she should gain the attention of the public.
[DETAILS] about his/her form of art, the way he/she creates.
[PRIZES] and [AWARDS] forming the local/national/international public recognition.

Disclose to the public your innermost powerful self:

  • shortly present yourself and the activity field you’re active in,
  • speak a little about the educational background that helped you form into who you are at present,
  • state what is special in your artwork,
  • share awards and certifications with the public.

Examples of About Us Pages and Why We Like Them

In the following lines, we chose to share with you some successful about us pages and identify what makes them unique:

A mix of imagery that showcases the company’s clear mission, summed up in several memorable words:
“We do things people love”.
These words are well included into the whole company’s presentation, serving as the backbones for the entire company structure and activity.

This about us page has authenticity ingrained in every element: real pictures and hand-drawn images sustain a true story, that began in 2010 and keeps on sustaining a lifestyle: “pura vida”, or “living life to the fullest”.

Teehan + Lax
This is the about us page of a company that’s closing its doors. They don’t forget, however, to thank everybody who helped the company grow. And they are proud to present their next move, or “next act”. This tells a lot about the professional ethics of the team, and their respect towards visitors of the website.

Plenty of text that tells a story of the present: the wild apricots are team members, and the organization follows an unusual business model that is hard to pass over. So, wherever your eyes land on the text, there will be signs the whole presentation is worth reading, as wild apricots have really something to say.

A whole bunch of pages dedicated to the presentation of the company. With Citrix.com, there’s not one single page dedicated to telling the story of the brand. Moreover, it’s a section in the website dedicated to different sides of the brand’s personality: executives, citizenship, sustainability, initiatives, etc.

We wish these will certainly offer you as ideas for an ideal regarding us web page. Although you may have a tendency to forget this element of the web site, please remember that it’s as crucial as your online calling card.

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