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Want to grab a chance to with deals in AppSumo for life time usage? You’ve come to the right place at TechWebDevelopment!

Recently AppSumo brought us amazing deals on incredibly useful business tools like Vadootv Player, Beagle Security, and Viloud; some of these deals are still available at AppSumo, and you can find more information on them below.

Before we unveil the list of new AppSumo deals, here’s what you should know about AppSumo (if you’ve never heard of them before):

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AppSumo offers weekly deals on the best tools for creating, growing, and scaling your online business. 

Thanks to AppSumo, I was able to procure lifetime deals on amazing business tools such as Ninja Outreach, Rocketium, and TARS, among many others. In addition to these, I’ve also subscribed to Briefcase by AppSumo — an all-in-one toolkit for entrepreneurs and startups that includes over 30 tools to grow your business.

The best part about the deals offered by AppSumo is that, in most cases, you get lifetime access to the products, meaning you just need to pay once for a software that follows a monthly subscription model. In other words, with AppSumo, you’ll never have to pay full price for business software again.

In this post, you’ll find the best deals AppSumo is offering . Below that section, you’ll find the best AppSumo deals on WordPress tools, followed by top deals on remote tools, and free AppSumo deals.

AppSumo Deals Summary

  1. Beagle Security – Identify loopholes on your website before hackers exploit them
  2. Vadootv Player – Ad-free video hosting on high-speed, secure servers
  3. Acadle – Launch a white-labeled online academy with unlimited courses and content
  4. NeuralText – Generate text for your digital marketing campaigns and blog posts with AI
  5. SalesBlink – Close deals by finding professional emails and automating outreach
  6. Viloud – Create an online TV channel or livestream for your brand
  7. Reslash – Build virtual spaces to socialize, work, teach, or hang out
  8. PromoRepublic – Easy content creation and scheduling for social media posts
  9. SendFox – Automatically send customized emails to your subscribers, followers, and fans
  10. Flowlu – Unify your business processes with a comprehensive project and CRM platform
  11. HockeyStack – Get the most actionable insights about user activity on your site
  12. Spott – Generate maximum value from your marketing with fresh interactive content
  13. Linguix – Get clean, crisp copy with an AI-based writing assistant that edits as you type
  14. LiveWebinar – Get more out of meetings with an advanced, versatile webinar platform
  15. Tyle – Create unique, high-quality social video and image content in just a few clicks
  16. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode – Create and manage professional placeholder sites
  17. KingSumo – Generate tons of leads for your business or brand with viral giveaways
  18. Boost – Grow your email list by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links
  19. Sidekick Ai – Calendar and appointment scheduling software
  20. Re:plain – Connect with your customers on Facebook Messenger and Telegram

Top AppSumo Deals for this month

Beagle Security

Beagle Security is a website security testing tool that helps you protect your website from security threats and vulnerabilities.

With the click of a button, Beagle Security performs in-depth penetration tests in the background with the ability to run multiple tests simultaneously. The tool lets you add unlimited websites, allowing you to secure multiple environments, web apps, and websites from one single dashboard.

Noted: The lifetime access to Beagle Security is only $59(Original value $828)

Vadootv Player

Vadootv Player is an ad-free video hosting platform with a customizable player and tools to help grow your audience.

Unlike other video hosting platforms, Vadootv Player allows you to host your videos ad-free on its platform. Vadootv Player delivers fast load times using high-speed CDNs spread across the world for bandwidth optimization.

Noted: The lifetime access to Vadootv Player is only $39(Original value $1456)


SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails.

SendFox combines automation and customization to help you create simple, beautiful, and effective emails.

Designed specifically for content creators, SendFox helps you cover all the important marketing bases from forms and CRM to email campaigns and integrations. Build simple, branded emails and landing pages to grow your business and easily track performance all in one easy-to-use platform.

Noted: The lifetime access to SendFox is only $49(Original value $240)


Reslash allows you to build a virtual space where you can connect, collaborate, learn, and socialize — all from one platform.

With Reslash, you can go beyond just voice and video to create a unique experience that’s out of this world. You can recreate a classroom, workspace, or even an evening lounge, using elements of the virtual space to set the mood.

Typically, Reslash’s team plan would cost you $50/month (for 5 members). But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to the same plan for just $59.

Noted: The lifetime access to Reslash is only $59(Original value $1200)


Flowlu is a complete suite of project and business management tools, including a CRM, invoicing, Kanban board, and more.

Flowlu provides you with generous management options to get your projects in order. You can quickly view project progress, key milestones, deadlines, budgets, and even time estimates for tasks.

Typically, Flowlu costs $39/month, but with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to Flowlu for just $49.

Noted: The lifetime access to Flowluis only $49(Original value $708)


NeuralText uses AI to analyze SERPs, find valuable insights, and generate the copy for your site, effectively automating your writing process.

With NeuralText, you’ll be able to create engaging and informative content that ranks higher in search engines.

Noted: The lifetime access to NeuralTextonly $59(Original value $1200)


Viloud lets you create and stream your own live, linear, and on-demand TV channels without breaking a sweat.

With Viloud, you can create a branded online TV channel with linear or on-demand (VOD) channel options. You can build a branded TV channel in minutes—no coding required.

Noted: The lifetime access to Viloud $99(Original value $990)

More deals coming soon!

Keep this page bookmarked as we’ll update more AppSumo deals you can grab this month. 

In the meantime, click here to check out all the live deals at AppSumo!

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