SEMrush Review: What It Takes to Outrun Your Competition

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SEMrush Review Summary

Extensive Website Analysis Tool for Online Businesses

Name: SEMrush

Description: SEMrush is a business intelligence software offering comprehensive data research. You need these data to outrun your competition.

Operating System: Web-based

Application Category: Online Marketing, SEO

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Semrush is all about helping you market your web content, but in terms of feature set, it extends even further than that. You gain access to almost any tool you need to do battle with others for the top spot on Google rankings.

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  • Unbelievably powerful SEO support
  • Gain otherwise unavailable information on competitors


  • Steep prices

For those of you who think that the Internet is just a random collection of websites, eStores and blogs dumped there for your reading pleasure, think again. The Internet, like the real world, is a cut-throat business environment. True, the average Joe will simply muddle along in it but the true businessman treats it exactly like it is – a competition against business rivals for revenue.

Most net denizens and even small businesses read the news and get impressed by the moves countries around the world are making to support cross-border trade. The Internet has long been cross border and if you expect to survive online as a business, you’ll need more than just brief knowledge of what the term Search Engine Optimization means.

There is a 7-day free trial available.

In a brick and mortar store, you’ll need to assess points such as location and customer traffic. That applies to a website as well. For the most part, traffic is invisible, so you need to know what will draw your customers in – such as through search engine listings.

What is SEMrush

SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research.

Getting to know SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the biggest names out there today in terms of SEO. It’s a complete website analysis tool that helps give you the information you need to build a successful website. By that, I mean in terms of information – both on your own site as well as your competition.

By optimizing your website based on SEO data, you’ll be able to craft keywords and strategies that will bring in the traffic you need to survive.

Your central nervous system – the control panel

The first thing you’ll encounter in SEMRush is your control panel showing an overview screen. From here, you can view website traffic and keywords, plus access to other sections. This brings me to the first major item that SEMrush covers, which is information.

What does SEMrush offer

SEMrush offers you comprehensive information about your website as well as competitors’.

Through SEMrush, you can gain comprehensive information not only on your own site, but of any other website existing – including your competition.

You will be given the opportunity to learn keywords, where those are ranked, what volume of traffic each keyword gets and even the cost of buying various keywords through Google.

In addition, a powerful feature that SEMrush offers is keyword research. Before you even produce any content for your site, check on SEMrush and you’ll be able to tell how hot that keyword is. That means how popular it is, how difficult it will be to rank that keyword and even see how others are doing in that same endeavour.

Knowing your site backlinks is an important part of your SEO strategy

Moving on, it’s also critical to keep an eye on your own position in keyword rankings. This is an ongoing task and can be automated through SEMrush. Just set your parameters and you’ll get regular reports from the system.

The last key area to highlight is that SEMrush has kept up with the times and clearly differentiates itself by knowing what Google is doing in terms of mobile traffic. This is a relatively newer dimension that many people are still ignoring, even with the explosion of smartphone-based traffic.

By allowing you to compare desktop versus mobile analytics, you’ll be able to approach keywording on a dual front. Optimize for both and you’ll be set for success.

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SEMrush Pricing

Not cheap, but is it a price you can afford not to pay?

SEMrush offers 3 types of plans,

  • Pro – starts from $99.95 per month
  • Guru – starts from $199.95 per month
  • Business – starts from $399.95 per month

Aside from the analytics features, Guru and Business users are able to access older database information.

There are currently over 1 million people using SEMrush. You can give it a try as you will get a 7 days free trial on the tool.


Personally, I find that SEMrush is a frighteningly powerful tool that all businesses who depend on the web should use. There are knowledge bases in SEO, there are tutorials, there are even experts who can do the job for you. But SEMrush is pure power at your fingertips and doesn’t overly complicate the job.

The only slight technical problem with it is a point of contention. SEMrush starts at US$99.95 per month at its most basic pricing tier. Yet on the flip side of that coin is the sheer power of what it offers. Personally, my question would be – can you afford NOT to pay that price?

To get started: Get the 7 days free trial

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